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If you're looking for an inspiring tribe to expand your perspective, accelerate your learning, and encourage and stretch your leadership, there are 3 ways you can get involved: subscribe to our newsletter, engage with our podcast, join the 'Partners in Purpose' coaching circle.
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We gather for a peer coaching circle every other Friday during term time, 1:30 - 3. Get coached, coach, and develop coaching mastery.


"Most of all he helped me set the agenda, listen to myself and supported me to find my purpose, which is exactly what I was after. A great coach and mentor and just a great person. Highly recommended."

- Annelies James, Founder 22Midnight

"Will is an extremely professional and knowledgable coach and very insightful.  His style of coaching really does build confidence and unlock potential. He adapts his style in a way that works for both the introvert and the extravert and I am very grateful for his coaching and coach training. Highly recommended.

- Lloyd  Katz,  Scrum Master, Mayden

"Will's focus and intuition has helped me gett to the crux of the matter and unlock my thinking to find the best way forward.  I have so valued our coaching sessions."

- Taryn Burden, Internal Coach

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