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1. Creating the conditions

Intuitively we know that mindset determines performance, and team culture determines outcomes.  In studies from Google to Amy Edmondson's work, 'Psychological Safety', (a quality that helps individuals find the courage to take interpersonal risks, and to share their honest opinions, thoughts and reactions,) super-charges team performance by allowing the most relevant information to flow through the group.  This means faster learning, better decision-making, and higher levels of ownership, commitment and creativity.  This is what Peter Drucker meant when he famously said 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast'.

In team coaching we partner with the team to create the conditions for high performance, unleashing the collective intelligence of the group through connectedness, clarity of goals and expectations, and disrupting dysfunctional patterns that inhibit team progress.

2. Surfacing the work

One of the foundational tenets our team coaching approach is to 'trust the people in the room'.  We have found that given the right conditions, a compelling purpose, and a clear invitation, people are capable of far more than even they realise.  In 'surfacing the work' we help teams identify together the key insights for moving themselves forwards, and the most critical actions to achieve impact.


When the vision is clear, and commitment is high, teams find access to new levels of understanding about what's holding them back, and tune-in to their 'highest self' to find creative solutions to overcome obstacles.  Together with higher levels of respect for diverse preferences and perspectives, and value of running disciplined experiments to drive continuous improvement, teams find the skills to nurture their own evolution.

3. Choosing a way forwards

Another of our maxims is that 'level of ownership = likelihood of success'.  In today's digitised, globalised, high-speed environment, 'winning hearts and minds' is more important than ever.  Competitive advantage exists in the quality collaboration: of communication, of data, and relationships; and in the agility to respond intelligently to a constant stream of new information, new threats and new opportunities. 


The team coaching process empowers teams to raise the visibility on autonomy - the responsibilities distributed throughout the team; and accountability - what needs to be achieved, by when, how it will be measured, and how success or failure will impact the wider system.  Embedding these behaviours into the culture drives team confidence, capability and ultimately results. 

Nick Torday, Co Founder and CEO, Bower Collective (bcorp)

"I can't recommend Will highly enough.  He has very high emotional intelligence, is purpose-driven and really understands how to shape teams and create a high performance, valued-led team culture."
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