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1. Creating the conditions > 2. Surfacing the work > 3. Exploring options > 4. Choosing the way forward

  • 'Psychological Safety', (a quality that helps individuals find the courage to take interpersonal risks, and to share their honest opinions, thoughts and reactions,) super-charges team performance by improving collective intelligence and team creativity.  In team coaching we partner the team to create the conditions for high performance, and disrupting dysfunctional patterns that inhibit team progress.

  • 'Surfacing the work' is helping teams identify the key insights for moving themselves forwards, and the most critical actions to achieve impact.  When the vision is clear, and commitment is high, teams access deeper levels of understanding about what's holding them back, and can tune-in to their 'highest self' to find creative solutions.

  • In today's high-speed, hybrid environment, team cohesion and coordination is profoundly affected by the quality of connection and communication between team members.  We help teams 'slow down to speed up', taking time to co-design ways of working that will achieve their goals, whilst enabling engagement, innovation and performance by maintaining high levels of autonomy and accountability.

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"It can be hard to change team culture from the inside - sometimes it takes an outside perspective, and someone who doesn't have an alliance with any particular perspective, to ask the questions that can get 'avoided', and disrupt patterns that undermine performance."

Nick Torday, Co Founder and CEO, Bower Collective (bcorp)

"I can't recommend Will highly enough.  He has very high emotional intelligence, is purpose-driven and really understands how to shape teams and create a high performance, valued-led team culture."
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