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Re-connecting leaders with self and others


Many leaders come to us describing the 'loneliness' of leadership - that they don't have the right places and spaces to be honest, to reflect on the leadership challenges in their context; and where they will be given the candid, unfiltered feedback they need to clarify their thinking and challenge them to grow.


We convene confidential spaces where leaders can be listened-to in powerful thinking partnerships; where they can 'tune-back-in' to their inner voice; where they will be supported and stretched by peers, and where they will develop the coaching expertise to help others become the best version of themselves.   

When and where?


We run a range of open programmes throughout the year, and also bespoke courses within organisations to meet the unique needs of their situation. 



'Coach To Lead' is a 12 week, online course for purpose-driven leaders who want to level-up their leadership to achieve greater impact, influence, and investment in their team's development.


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Get in touch to explore how we might partner with you to build a community of leaders confident and equipped to deliver sustainable growth.

What will we cover?

- developing confidence in my natural leadership style and the leadership agility to respond effectively to situational context
- when and how to coach to create cultures of high engagement, creativity, alignment and accountability
- how to play to individual coaching strengths and overcome biases and blindspots
- clarifying personal and professional areas for development
- how to: clarify purpose, energise with vision, create the conditions for growth, and support stretching action plans that produce high performance not boredom or burn-out.

Lily Smith, Chief Product Officer, BBC Maestro

"Will's methods of training and practicing coaching are perfect for me - the right level of challenge, support and tons of practical takeaways that I now use every day."
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