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Come and see for yourself: Friday 12th July

If you're a purpose-driven leader wanting to 'change the world for good' as a core part of your mission, come and experience the flavour and format - you'll find a group of passionate changemakers, who'll inspire, challenge and provoke your thinking as you commit to bringing your best to the work that really matters.

"It's the quality of the people, and the quality of the environment,

that make it so powerful, and so unique."

What to expect:

1:30 - arrive and 'check-in'

1:40 - a soundbite to inspire

1:50 - your coaching experience

3:00 - the debrief

3:15 - sharing your personal call to action


Joining a coaching circle is to become part of an intimate, learning community.  There are two face to face meet-ups during the year, (held on site at a different 'Partner In Purpose' address, each time).  Then there are bi-weekly circles online, from September - July, giving you access to about 20 meet-ups over the course of the academic year. Payment is via monthly subscription of £100 + VAT pcm.

Liz Warner, CEO Different Kind (Social Enterprise)

"It helps me refocus on the bigger mission, and not get caught up in the quagmire of daily things... it's a really safe space of like-minded individuals who are all trying to do something good: it doesn't feel like 'selfish time' because you're supporting others, but you're also allowing yourself to be supported."
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