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"Creative and empathetic listening - Will is a fantastic coach. He creates a space that enables you to inhabit the challenge you are approaching and see it completely differently."
                                                            - B corp CEO, TrustPilot ☆☆☆☆☆

Lessons from the butterfly:


A caterpillar enters a chrysalis with all it needs to become a butterfly.  In the same way, we possess unimaginable potential to meet the challenges and opportunities our contexts are asking from us.
That isn't to say that this is easy -
transformation requires risk and effort; it means letting-go of old mindsets, identities and behaviours.  It's not to be taken lightly. 
That's why - in her wisdom - when the time comes, the caterpillar creates for herself a particular type of 'container':
a vehicle to hold, nourish and protect the deconstruction and reconstruction of its evolutionary progression.  In the privacy of the chrysalis the caterpillar liquifies and reforms, before emerging anew.
This reminds me of Lewin’s ‘Unfreeze, change, refreeze’ model of change: that thinking, behaviour, structures and relationships have to ‘melt’ before they can take on new forms and new order; and
a 'letting-go' of the familiar status quo must precede the unleashing of a new one.   
I think what happens inside the chrysalis is a great picture of the coaching relationship: a space to support transformation where we find the energy and encouragement to renew our thinking, being and behaving, in service of our highest purpose.

Emma-Jane Steele, Director of Marketing, Acne Studios

"Coaching with Will has been hands-down the most valuable thing I've done in my career from a learning and development point of view."
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