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"Will's methods of training and practicing coaching are perfect for me - the right level of challenge, support and tons of practical takeaways that I now use every day."
                                                    - CPO, BBC Maestro, TrustPilot ☆☆☆☆☆

  • We run bespoke courses within organisations all year round.  Our next open course begins in Jan 24.

*Coaching to Inspire, Empower, and Lead*


Develop the skills and capabilities to create coaching partnerships that unlock human potential


This transformational course is delivered through 12 bite-sized workshops that each provide a micro-dose of theory, and an energetic space for hands-on practice, compassionate feedback, and opportunities for Q&A discussion – as well as learning how to coach, you will also make progress towards your real world personal and professional goals. 


It’s designed to support ‘on the job’ application within the work context, and time to reflect on the benefits and challenges of this approach in real world experience.


Through this experience you will develop self-awareness, confidence and leadership agility; as well as a highly connected community of peers, united in your pursuit of personal and professional growth, and achieving meaningful change.


Course Content and Outcomes


  • Get to know your own coaching and leadership style

  • Make progress towards your personal and professional goals

  • Learn to clarify purpose, hold the coaching process, and make plans for progress

  • Learn to energise with vision, motivate engagement and draw on different coaching approaches

  • Learn to build rapport, communicate empathically and ask questions that generate fresh insights

  • Experience the 'support and stretch’ that will accelerate your learning and unlock growth, equipping you to do the same for those you lead

  • Get certified in a dynamic coaching framework that builds self-awareness for the coach and successful outcomes for your coaching clients

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- Stefan Palacz, Cyber Security, Mayden

“I left this coaching experience an entirely different version of myself than when I went in.  I've found that I can embrace my own personality to the benefit of my coaching style, apply these coaching life skills in a variety of settings, and have the confidence to continue my coaching journey into the future.”

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