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Growing confident in your style - and becoming more self-aware, and more skillful, in adapting to different situational needs

Everyone has an authentic way to lead - strengths and weaknesses, experiences and perspectives, distinctive style and impact.  Through coaching partnerships we explore your 'learning edge' - those spaces at the limits of your confidence and competence, where it takes courage, and care to expand your capabilities and effectiveness.  These explorations will likely be informed by questions about self-leadership, and what we need to bring our best; what the team needs; the impact of our leadership presence; and how can we continually focus our energies on our most high impact activities, whilst developing others to step into more of their purpose and potential?

"Confidence frequently comes back as one of the most valued benefits from coaching - it's the belief in oneself that's vital for unlocking more of who we are in the service of building the lives we truly care about."

Emma-Jane Steele, Director of Marketing, Acne Studios

"Coaching with Will has been hands-down the most valuable thing I've done in my career from a learning and development point of view."
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